Little Hands and Feet

Licensed Child Care

About me

My name is Shelley. I am the mother of two grown children. I started my own childcare so that I could give my own children, as well as those that I take care of, the kind of care I think they deserve.

About my childcare

Little Hands and Feet was established in 1996 as a licensed home childcare in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I offer the opportunity for your child to be cared for in a loving, nurturing home environment in my walk-out basement that is mostly dedicated to the childcare. Your child will not only get the one-on-one attention from me that you cannot find in daycare centers, but you will as well. If you choose to send your child to my home childcare that you can feel assured that they will be safe, loved, and cared for in a manner you will be comfortable with. I believe lots of parent-provider communication is essential to achieve this.

My Location

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My Philosophy

I believe that the following covers my philosophy:

Free play and fun with our daycare friends and family.

Activities that are fun and age appropriate, and provide an opportunity for learning.

Meals that are family style around the kitchen table or picnic table.

Individual care for each child in a small family setting.

Lots of love and encouragement.

Your peace of mind- knowing your child is safe and well cared for by one consistent caregiver.